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Our partners, our prestige!

Our company cooperates with leading pharmaceutical companies in Europe from various countries such as Greece, Italy, France and several others. The network of our partners abroad and in Cyprus, has made our company the most reliable choice for the pharmaceutical industry, doctors, pharmacists and all other health professionals.

** We are ready to store, promote and distribute your products throughout Cyprus! Do you want to join our network? Contact the sales and partnership department at [email protected]**

As a middle size private company, we are flexible to adapt with rapid changes in the local market and take quick decisions when needed.

Over 65 Years of Experience

  • We represent leading pharmaceutical industries consistently for more than half a century.

  • Pharmaceutical Trading Co Ltd, represents various manufacturers from all over the world.

  • We are a licensed distributor of pharmaceutical and Cosmetic products in Cyprus.

  • We have our own Regulatory and Pharmacovigilance department and we call on Healthcare Professionals with our Medical Representatives.

Be a part of History

We are now part of history since Pharmaceutical Trading Co Ltd was founded before the Republic of Cyprus. Based in the occupied town of Famagusta, we stubbornly continue to grow with our eyes turned to the north, to our occupied homeland.

With our own <u>distribution network</u> and <u>our own scientific partners</u>, we provide high quality products for the benefit of consumers throughout Cyprus.