Even complexion & improvement of skin’s appearance

With Arctostaphylos extract, Margosa & Calendula

Intermed Pharmaceutical Laboratories developed EVA BELLE BOOSTER line to enhance your daily skin care routine. Highly concentrated formulas, tone your skin and offer instant improvement and restoration.

EVA BELLE RESTORE BOOSTER evens complexion and improves skin’s appearance. Arctostaphylos extract, promotes skin’s color uniformity, while margosa’s anti-inflammatory action reduces redness. The formula is enhanced with calendula extract which repairs damaged skin and revives its radiance. EVA BELLE RESTORE BOOSTER protects the skin from extreme weather conditions and accelerates recovery after minor aesthetic interventions.

Instructions: The application is easy and simple. Add in your cream, serum or foundation 2-4 drops of EVA BELLE RESTORE BOOSTER and improve your skin’s appearance. Do not use alone. For best results, combine it with an EVA BELLE cream or serum. Use as often as needed, according to your skin’s needs.